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People of Joburg – Khutso Theledi

May 31, 2018, Author: Hello Joburg

Khutso, tell us a bit about how you wound up on, and involved in radio.

Till this day and until my last breath, I can’t and will not stop thanking God for blessing me and guiding me into the world of radio broadcasting.

I say this cause I really with all my heart, wanted to be the biggest TV/News or sports presenter, never radio. I studied at Boston Media House and was fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to record a voice over for Boston Media House, not knowing that the voice over would land me an opportunity back in 2012 to work for Gauteng’s biggest youth radio station.

The voice over caught the attention of YFM’s Programming Manager, Tumelo Diaho-Monaheng and Mo Flava who was host of the breakfast show “ Flava In The Morning “ back in 2012.

I was asked to record a demo for the station, came for an interview and started my first time on live radio the next day as a co-host and traffic presenter for the stations biggest show. With that said, I can truly testify that YFM identifies, engages and nurtures the best talent, even when you don’t believe in yourself, YFM welcomed me to a platform that has always allowed me to BE me and produces legends ahead of it’s time.

I thank YFM for believing in me and 6 years later, the station has allowed me to live the life I have been blessed with and to leave a legacy.

Krunch Till Lunch currently airs on YFM – tell us a bit more about the show…

Krunch Till Lunch hosted by yours truly Khutso Theledi, with a team I love, respect and appreciate with all my heart, my content producer Da Kruk and technical producer Super Dave. It’s a weekday morning show from 9AM to 12PM, a show that takes informative discussions that are making the rounds at dinner tables, be it social media, gatherings and spaces and brings it on air.

Krunch Till Lunch is a show that breaks down all the misconceptions and misunderstandings about every single conversation, while creating a cool, entertaining and a lot of my energy to every item. My show is about you being YOU, being unafraid, unapologetic and unashamed of who you. The show is for for YOU, by YOU cause without the listener, they would be no Krunch Till Lunch.

You are also an MC and motivational speaker. Who is your favorite audience to speak to, and what do you feel you bring to an event with your experience?

My love for MC’ing for corporate events and music/sports festivals is always filled with excitement, energy and my own personal touch, but you know what’s more personal and inspiring to me, is being blessed to motivate and speak in front of the youth.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than to speak to the vibrant, energetic culture of young people, the same people who are transforming our society and culture, making it more profound and meaningful for me to motivate and inspire those who believe not only in me, but themselves.

You spin cars for a hobby! Tell us more about that!

Absolutely LOVE cars and have been fortunate enough to have hosted a TV show called “ Kasi Car Culture “ on Ignition back in 2015 and believe in God’s timing another motoring show for me to host is coming soon *winks , but this opportunity wouldn’t have come had it not been for the love I have for spinning cars. I thank Pule M from Soweto Drift who called into a show and invited me to try spinning and ever since that phone call, I’ve been hooked.

Although I haven’t had time to get back into my hobby as much as I wish I could, you’ll be seeing me very soon burning some tyre’s and back on the spinning ground.

Tell us about the #BeYou Campaign that you are currently involved in with YFM – what is it all about?

Young people in the country are experiencing different challenges every day. Many are finding it difficult to be heard as individuals, to define who they are, where they come from and where they going and to fully believe in their abilities and reach their full potential.

Remembering that the youth of the country have changed the past to define the present and YFM believes that young people remain the key to defining the future.

This belief is what has led to the station’s vision and mantra for the year to BElieve in YOUrself – #BEYOU. This is a campaign I believe in with all my heart reminding YOU, that From this moment, may YOU believe you deserve it, cause the world will server it; the world will adjust, and always remember to JUST #BeYou

What is your dream holiday destination?

The last time I was asked this question cause I’ve never traveled outside of South Africa, I got a surprise delivery to the YFM studios from Sony Mobile. They found out that Khutso Theledi hasn’t traveled outside South Africa, and said “ let’s change that and take her to the The 2018 UEFA Champions League Final in Kiev, Ukraine. “

And now I’m asked what my dream holiday destination is crossing fingers you end up surprising me too, lol. To answer your question, it would have to be The Maldives.

One item of clothing you cannot live without and why?

Does my wig count? *laughs* Just kidding!

This question is so tricky. Okay, so I have a beautiful pair of Zoom boots that I’d hate to say goodbye to, super comfy Cotton On Body active wear I’d be devastated to part with, and crop tops that have gotten me through some of my best and worst days.

But if I were forced to go with just one item, it would have to be my black pair of knee high boots that I could actually rock with everything.

Books or movies and why?

I know I have to choose one, but to be honest it has to be both. I love love love my movie date nights, action, horror and romcom’s to be specific. Movies are unique in their own way, books as well, I’m hooked to motivational books.

They both fulfill different needs for me, in terms of storytelling. Being a radio presenter, one has to always remember the power of “The Theater of the mind“ to engage the listener’s imagination and both books and movies help me to bring out the best visuals through words and my voice.

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