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Sep 5, 2017, Author: Hello Joburg

It’s all about the perfect brow, HJ – and getting, and keeping your brows on fleek is a serious business. We were excited to catch up with Unaiza Moideen (nicknamed the Brow Queen), who is the owner of the successful Brow Bar’s popping up all over Joburg, and the rest of SA, faster than you can say “pluck me”.

Known for breaking boundaries, Unaiza is also the queen of taking a start up business to a very successful business n a short time.

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A socialite, public speaker, motivator and founder of the first franchised brow bar in SA, known as SA’s very own celebrity brow specialist.

As a true ambassador to her name sake who is making a positive contribution to facilitating change for women, she runs her entire business model based on skills development and paid learner-ship. Unaiza is also a director of an aesthetic clinic and principle of her own training academy.

At the age of 33 , mum to two kids, she wields an enormous influence in the beauty industry. She is a change maker, trend setter, visionary and role model to many.

So of course, being inquisitive as we are, we asked Unaiza for her top tips to achieving the perfect brow?

  1. Invest in a good technician.
  2. Use the right tools when shaping your brows.
  3. Use the appropriate products for the look you are trying to achieve.
  4. Never tweeze your brows.
  5. Don’t “over” fill your eyebrows. Your brows should start light at the beginning and go darker towards the end of your brow.
  6. Work with your natural brow- don’t try and change your eyebrow shape into an eyebrow that’s not yours.
  7. Use a highlighter to lift your brow and a concealer to give the illusion of a clean and tidy brow.
  8. For a textured brow- you should make use of three products according to the make-up workshop and style guide of Hrush.
  9. Invest in a good growth serum. Especially if you have sparse and weak brows.
  10. Brush your brows with a disposable mascara wand- brush up in the front and side ways towards the end and tail of your brow.
  11. Place your arch in the right place. Arches are not extremely round and neither are they very “V”.
  12. Never use a black pencil or powder to fill your brows.

So how do you know what shape of brow best suits your face?

“When measuring and shaping your own brows, the “rule of thumb” is important. There should be more or less a thumb width between your brows. To measure the end of your brow take a ruler and mark from the outer corner of your nose straight through the outer corner of your eye- this will indicate where your brow should end.

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Now the difficult part: to find your arch, look closely at the top part of your brow and notice the last hair toward the end of your brow this will indicate where your arch is. Only tweeze in those areas if you have to, but preferably avoid tweezing.” says Unaiza.

How did you get involved in the beauty industry?

“I got into the Brow industry when my other business was failing I realised I have to do something to save it. I decided to offer complimentary brows every week. This soon attracted new clients and walk in clients. This was an instant success, now called the Brow Bar. My other business called My Skin Centre is still up and running.”

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