Poison of the month – Bernini Ruby Berry

Apr 11, 2018, Author: Bianca Spinner

We’ve found a sure-fire way to make sure that every moment with your squad, and every day of your life, is just grape!

Launch date: August 2017

How it is made: Bernini Ruby Berry is a naturally sweet, quality sparkling and flavoured grape liquor.

Flavors: Elegant strawberry and red berry aromas entwined with subtle floral notes and a crisp, clean finish.

Cool fact: Bernini is the only grape-based, ready to drink alcoholic beverage in South Africa.

Try one: For an after work gathering or a girls’ night out! Bernini is available at a licensed liquor store near you.

Try it in a cocktail

Choose your favourite glass, add a bit of crushed ice, a good swing of Bernini Ruby Berry and top it up with a mix of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. End with a splash of lemonade and a few mint leaves.


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