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Poison of the Month: Limited Edition Mirari Celebration Gin

Jun 6, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

Mirari Celebration Gin is a perfectly balanced gin that’s been handcrafted from a stellar selection of natural herbs, spices and fruits. Think a mixture of succulent Macedonian juniper berries, tart grapefruit, blood orange, sweet chamomile, liquorice root and floral saffron along with other fine botanicals. Not only is this gin beautiful to look at with its delicate touch of gold flakes, but with only 5,000 bottles available on the market it also serves as the perfect exclusively fashionable accomplice to any celebration. Gin has never looked better!


HOW IT’S MADE: The gin is distilled by Time Anchor Distillery in a still named Charlotte and is created from all-natural botanicals in a mix of cold maceration and vapour infusion.

FLAVOURS: Plump, sweet and piney juniper flavours are the main characteristics of this spirit. Refreshing citrus notes develop onto the palate emerging along with a soft touch of saffron and a lovely, silky-coated mouthfeel.

COOL FACT: The gorgeous touch of gold pays homage to Joburg’s history and the fact that the distillery is the first of its kind to be established in the City of Gold. Time Anchor uses real 23ct gold – instead of a composite gold leaf – making this bottle truly remarkable. The concept of the latest edition is a whimsical tribute to South African craft and artistry and embodies true celebration in every context.


TRY ONE: Pair Mirari Celebration Gin with a good quality Indian tonic water and garnish with fresh peach wedges, plum or fig for the perfect wintery G&T.

HANGOVER CURE: Had one too many G&Ts last night? Feeling a little worse for wear? This gin makes for the perfect twist on a classic Bloody Mary AKA a killer hangover cure – and the best is you can throw this together the next morning with little effort and items you already have in your kitchen. All you need is a tot of Mirari Celebration Gin, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, salt, pepper and a stick of celery.

AVAILABLE FROM: Norman Goodfellows and Makro for R390.


Our top tips for a next-level G&T

· Use a wide-rimmed glass to bring out the full aromas of the gin.

· Always choose a high-quality gin and a tonic with a low sugar content.

· Fill your glass with lots of ice – it will keep your drink perfectly chilled without diluting the gin.

· Look at the botanicals used in the gin and choose a garnish that will complement or enhance those ingredients.

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