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Mar 18, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

Over the last 25 years, the Spec-Savers story has grown from just a few tales of success to become a legend of which every South African can feel a part. It all started way back in May of 1993. The place was the friendly city of Port Elizabeth. The occasion, the opening of the very first Spec-Savers franchise in Greenacres shopping centre!


Their exciting and innovative approach to high quality, professional eye care allowed them to grow rapidly from that day forward, a process and practice they have replicated to this day. Today, a whole 25 years later, they are proud to partner with over 285 franchise outlets across South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana and Swaziland. At just 25 years young, they’ve got the people and experience to keep it going.


The Spec-Savers name is synonymous with optometry in South Africa. But not just optometry, more importantly passionate, good value-for-money optometry that maintains the same high quality professional standards they established in their first franchise all those years ago. Their continued mission as Spec-Savers is a dedication to delivering affordable eye care to the Southern African public, without compromising either quality or professional standards.


With that, they strive for service excellence and pride themselves on retaining customers for life. Each and every customer that walks through their doors trusts them as a family optometrist, and customers know that Spec-Savers see their eyesight as the most important part of theirr day, everyday, and most importantly, every step of the way.

Do you need to see a specialist? Visit Spec-Savers The Marc for an eye test today and give yourself a head start on dealing with any developing eye conditions. Ask in-store about their latest promotions!

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