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Red lips and wine sips: girls-night-out itineraries for all

Aug 6, 2019, Author: Candice May

It’s time to crank Cyndi Lauper and swipe on some lipstick!

Sometimes girls just want to have fun, and in Joburg, that’s easy to do. The only problem is that too many choices can give a girl a headache! Lucky, we did all the work for you and curated fabulous girls-night-out itineraries for all. Grab all the junk food and prosecco you can carry, get glammed up with your girl gang and head out for some effortless fun! 


For the beauty lovers 

Do you and your crew want to get your hair and nails done before a big night out? YouBar boasts an intimate but lovely space downstairs in Thrupps Illovo Centre that’s perfect for small groups. Book a group appointment in advance at the chic pamper house and soon you’ll be sitting in a luxurious upholstered chair (with a comped glass of bubbles in tow), chick-chatting with your girls and the fiercely-cool staff while they spruce up your mane and give your nails a flawless finish. Don’t leave without getting your loyalty card – we guarantee you’ll be back time and time again. 

Thrupps Illovo Centre, 204 Oxford Road, Illovo 

 011 880 3056 

Facebook: @youbarnailandskin 

Instagram: @youbar.allaboutyou 

For the literary gang that wants to get lit 

If you’re fond of the written word and want an activity where you can spend the wee hours of the night fully immersed in poetry, head to Poetry Corner Open Mic Night at Outie Bakery + Café in Newtown every first and last Wednesday of the month. You’ll be more than satisfied by the local talent and unexpected guests the night brings! Entrance is free and the mic is open to all, so round up the troops to support you as you share your poems and songs with the fam over drinks and good food. All you have to do to perform is arrive at 19h00 and add your name to the list. 

141 Lillian Ngoyi Street, Newtown 

 011 492 1371 

Facebook:@outiebakery or @wordnsoundpoetry 


For the mystical boozehounds 

Downstairs from the Sandton Sun near where the Vilamoura restaurant once was, an underground avant garde venue contains the answer to your most pressing question: where should we go next? Alice & Fifth is easily Joburg’s most enchanting entertainment venue and oozes with decadence, but this spot isn’t only for luxury dining – there are fun and magical functions every single night. Whether it’s gawking at stilt walkers, getting mystified by dancers or laughing until your tummy hurts at comedy heavyweights, there’s a party for your wildest fever dreams close by. 

Sandton Sun, corner of Alice Lane & 5th Street, Sandton 

 010 020 7382 


Instagram: @aliceandfifth 

For the girls with game 

Galaxy World bowling alley at The Zone @ Rosebank fully embraces the new mania for local nostalgia. The space has installed the dynamic AMF Extreme package – 12 fun-filled lanes of fast-action 10-pin bowling with automatic scoring, flashing bumpers and the coolest UV lighting. Fun fact? The lanes are World Championship standard, but don’t worry – the friendly staff are there to take care of your every need. It’s a great place to kill a few hours with a big, rowdy group! Pro tip: grab some stoner food from Chiapas (burrito bowls and soft-shell tacos) to devour laneside between frames. 

The Zone @ Rosebank, 177 Oxford Road, Rosebank  

011 4479142 


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