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Restaurateur of the Month – Marthinus Ferreira DW-eleven-13

Jun 9, 2017, Author: Hello Joburg

With a passion that is positively infectious, Restaurateur Marthinus Ferreira is the first to arrive at DW-eleven-13. It is his homage to his experience living and working abroad (with the likes of Gordon Ramsay) for three years. The name was is inspired by the SW postal code in London.

His greatest pleasure in his progressive modern contemporary eatery is serving diners more than just dinner, but an experiential journey. He prides himself on his passion for unlikely pairings with interesting flavour combinations, such as the dukkah impala and pear atchar currently on his menu.

Marthinus fell in love with food as he entered his teenage years, realizing that he could stand in front of the stove and create something really special. Today, he takes risks in his upmarket eatery – where every employee is passionate about culinary creativity and guests feel right at home; but with a much more sophisticated plated offering.

Where sweet meets savoury, his intimate French inspired menu focuses on modern contemporary cuisine, with a hint of South African influence in the ingredients and flavor fusions. He dreams of a meal prepared by Chef David Kinch, who operates Manresa, a restaurant in Los Gatos, California.

Manresa has been awarded three Michelin stars! When asked what he would pay almost anything for in a restaurant, Marthinus said it would have to be exotic sea urchin, one of the world’s greatest culinary pleasures where unique flavor and unparalleled indulgence awaits.

A: Dunkeld Shopping Centre, corner of Jan Smuts & Bompas, Dunkeld West.


T: 011 341 0663

T: @dwchef

IG: @marthinusdw1113

Article credits:  Taryn Louch

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