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SA Culinary Team series: Adrian Vigus-Brown from March Restaurant

May 13, 2019, Author: Candice May

Hello Joburgers, the IKA/Culinary Olympics is the oldest, largest and most diverse international culinary arts competition in the world. 2020 it takes place in Stuttgart, Germany. We chat to SA Culinary Team member Adrian Vigus-Brown, head chef at March Restaurant, African Pride Melrose Arch, Autograph Collection.


How many times have you partaken in the Culinary Olympics before? 

This will be my first time.

Which dish on your three-course menu are you most excited to present to the judges?

I honestly think the whole experience will blow the judges away at Restaurant of Nations. Our dishes are so varied that they’ll leave them wondering what has just happened! The three dishes together combine to make for a culinary experience like no other.


Are there any South African flavours/ingredients in the dishes on your menu?

I’ve always believed that the SA team has been excellent at flavour profiling and bringing big flavours into dishes. Once again, through each course, we’re maximising and highlighting amazing flavours, which is what team SA has always been good at. Two good examples are the salmon trout starter and lamb main course, in which the natural goodness of the ingredients is really highlighted.

Which criteria that you’ll be getting judged on is the toughest? 

Taste, as this is slightly subjective compared to the rest. However, our team along with our management and advisors is working tirelessly on this component.


Tell me about one thing that the public wouldn’t guess about participating in the Culinary Olympics. 

That it’s one big melting pot of competitors. While this is true, at the same time it’s a brotherhood of people with the same goal. Over the years, we’ve learnt that friendships forged at the Culinary Olympics are never broken. Also, cooking at the Culinary Olympics is a completely different way of cooking that entails thinking quickly on your feet to overcome huge challenges. It’s certainly more than just serving a plate as food!

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