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Salon Geisha is for the boujee lifestyle!

Oct 7, 2019, Author: Bianca Spinner

This new beauty salon is definitely going to draw in the crowds! Without a doubt, there’s nothing quite like it in Joburg – or the whole country, actually. The preferential parlour is quirky, Insta-worthy and oh-so-eccentric … and should totally be on your radar this month. Okay, okay, we’ll divulge – we’re talking about the brand-new Japanese-inspired salon on 6th Street in Parkhurst, Salon Geisha. 


To use the word ‘salon’ seems unjust because this extraordinary spot is so much more. It was created in a charming, typical Parkhurst home that’s intimate and cosy with buckets of sunlight. But the most impressive thing about this space is the outrageously flamboyant design and décor. Oh, and the Tea Merchant tea they serve, which gingerly arrives in traditional Japanese style with a pot, saucer and all. Our favourite flavour? The JHB Gold, of course! If that doesn’t tickle your toes, put your feet up and opt for a glass of bubbles. 


The fact that their email address begins with ‘[email protected]’ is every bit of evidence you need to visit. Founded by Gwen Bircham, who says the concept just came to her one morning, the space radiates self-love, beauty and fierce female power. In Geisha society, women are empowered – they own and run their businesses – but in case you needed a little bit more persuasion, they’re also seen as mystical goddesses. So, guess how you’ll feel after your pamper?  

Now, let’s get down to the ’gram. There’s a rosy pink cherry blossom tree, which signifies the start of spring and renewal and adds a harmonious Feng Shui to the ambience, as well as blushing pink velvet couches, two locally made life-size Betty Boop figurines, authentic hard wood floors and elaborate neon ornamentation. There’s also a noticeable artistic flair to the space – think Geisha wallpaper and garishly flowered wall art that’s so beautiful it’s almost aural. It’s so easy to get lost in the decorative printed patterns but try focus on your five-star mani and pedi too! 

Keep in mind that no munchkins (two- or four-legged) are allowed. Sorry moms, but at this exclusive spot you’re forced to enjoy your me-time without the weepy, moaning rug rats! 


60 6th Street, Parkhurst 

071 095 0337  

Facebook: @geishabeautiful 

Instagram: @salon_geisha 

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