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Savour the seven seas at Maximillien

Nov 21, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

As the saying goes, there are many fish in the sea … and plenty of restaurants in Joburg. But there are none quite like Maximillien inside the DaVinci Hotel and Suites, where diners are tempted with delightfully classic offerings like deep-fried calamari, southern basted pork ribs and braised beef oxtail. 


Located in Legacy Corner Mall in Sandton, Maximillien is all about simple food done right – and that’s evident in every dish on the menu. We’re that told the oxtail is a crowd favourite and it’s easy to see why, given that it’s slow-cooked and served on a bed of creamed potato with whole roasted vegetables, broccoli gremolata and an option of pap and morogo.  

Another signature dish worth trying is the butter chicken curry, served with basmati rice, sambals, poppadoms and roti. If you think all of this sounds delicious, get ready for what we regard as the star of the menu – the seafood. On the Seven Seas selection, you can choose between Mauritian sea bass, Norwegian salmon, Mozambican queen prawns, West Coast mussels and kingklip. 

Maximillien also has a seafood platter special for one or two people on Friday nights that’s absolutely unbeatable. It’s great value for money, the portion sizes are generous and the flavours are sensational. The only adequate way to describe the salmon – and we know it’s a cliché – is that it tastes like the ocean; it’s just so flavourful and fresh. The platter also comes with clams in a rich and tasty tomato sauce as well as a healthy helping of roast vegetables and rice. Oh, and did we mention the succulent prawns that pair perfectly with the garlic butter sauce?  


Indulging in a meal at Maximillien will leave you satisfied but not stuffed. This means you’re guaranteed to have room left for dessert! The signature dessert is the Big Apple – a spiced apple compote with white chocolate mousse, almond, cinnamon sable and candied walnut crumble. There are also some South African favourites like the Malva and Amarula Pudding made with Amarula crémeux, spicy vanilla ice cream and crème anglaise.  

We can’t overstate how wonderful the food is, but the atmosphere of the place also deserves some credit. The interiors are an ode to 1920s glamour and the soft lighting and single white rose adorning each table give it a romantic, luxurious feel. Let’s just say a visit to Maximillien would be sure to woo any date … or, in fact, anyone who loves good food.  


Did you know that Maximillien has a new executive chef? Chef Kalpesh Hansjee recently moved from the Michelangelo Hotel to the DaVinci Hotel and Suites and has worked for the Legacy Hotels & Resorts group for six years. Chef Kalpesh has a star-studded history and has cooked for Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama. Plus, he’s worked at Michelin star restaurants in Europe – but he says that nothing compares to South Africa. 

Legacy Corner Mall, corner of Maude & 5th Streets, Sandton 

011 292 7111 

Facebook: @maximilliensandton 


Instagram: @maximillienrestaurant  

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