man cycling past 3d printed home

It's the first of its kind - a 3D home

No its not in South Africa, so unfortunately we can’t claim it, rather it is in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. This is the first house made entirely of 3D-printed concrete and they plan on creating five more.

Saint-Gobain, through its Dutch branch Saint-Gobain Weber Beamix has developed special high-tech mortars for use in 3D printing and elaborated the printing technology with Witteveen + Bos. These printed houses use less material, and can be built much faster, with more flexibility. “The acceleration of this technology opens up new possibilities for construction,” explains Bas Huysmans, CEO of Weber Benelux.

The elements for the home were transported by truck to the building site. The house was then provided with a roof and frames, and the finishing touches applied. Thanks to the performant insulation, the house is very energy efficient and provides greater comfort.


More information on this amazing project milestone can be found here:

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