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Six genius ways to keep your cool with toddlers during lockdown

Apr 3, 2020, Author: Bianca Spinner

We’re not even going to try sugarcoat it, being stuck at home with a snot nosed sleep thief is not easy. So if you’re self-isolating in the cupboard or have gone through all the crates of wine, we won’t judge you.

Instead we have compiled a list of achievable activities that won’t break the bank.


1. Go to the beach

Grab a big old container or a bucket and fill it with sand from the garden or you can make your own using 4 cups of flour and half a cup of water with food coloring. The mixture will become a crumbled texture once baked; it’s just like soft beach sand. You can also put trays laid out on the grass or floor and put the sand on there. Hide toys inside, balls, snacks or if you have a spade and bucket even better. The good news is if they eat it, its 100% safe.

2. Clean the house

Just hear us out here, it actually can be quite fun.

You don’t have to be one of those mothers doing 101 crafts a day, just vacuum the floor or sweep the tiles or water the garden. If you have a baby carrier put baby inside, if not, let baby get involved. Give her a mini broom or feather duster and she’ll be entertained for hours (okay maybe ten minutes… maybe).

3. Bake cookies

Nigella is that you? The good news is you don’t have to be a world-class chef; it doesn’t even have to taste good, no one will know, except you and your baba. Just make sure it looks pretty for the gram of course.

We found these online courses from CT based company, Lion Heart; they’re offering 80% off all online baking courses (excluding new ones).

Visit and use the code ISOLATION80.

Or Google works wonders too.

We love this 3-ingredient buttery and delicious shortbread cookie recipe:

1-cup butter, room temperature

1/2 cup powdered sugar, sifted

2 cups all purpose flour

Find recipe on

4. Take a walk

This one’s a win-win because you get in your steps too, so put on your Fitbit and get moving. If you have a garden or driveway that’s a bonus, put baby shark on repeat on full blast and walk, dance, salsa or march with babe. If you don’t have a garden, clear your mind and walk from the kitchen to the pantry to the couch and back again oh and grab a few snacks on the way for sustenance.


5. Get crafty and DIY

Firstly do not look at these Insta mamas who are doing 101 crafts a day, ain’t nobody got time (or energy) for that.

We say try one craft per day and these two DIY recipes below are so easy, super affordable and your adorable little critters will be entertained for at least 15 minutes. From

Baby Safe Paint:

– ½ cup of multigrain baby cereal

– ¾ cup of water

– Food coloring

Play Dough:

– 1 cup flour

– ½ cup of table salt

– 2 TBSP of cream of tartar

– 1 TBSP oil

– 1 cup boiling water

– Food coloring

6. Have a spa day

Make facemasks with the kidlets. All the ingredients are natural and stuff you’ll already have in the fridge, use avocado, honey and coconut oil, mash it all together and sit in front of a mirror and get messy. You can also add oats or yoghurt to the mix. And if you really have extra oomph why not make it a spa day and offer your highness a baby massage with lavender oil, coconut or olive.


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