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Skincare trends making waves in 2022

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Let’s not and say we did? 2022!

It cannot be, hence its almost here, just around the corner so with the help of Dr Alek Nikolic, renowned specialist in aesthetic medicine and owner of SkinMiles, here are some of the biggest skincare predictions for 2022.

1. CBD and hemp products

CBD and hemp-derived ingredients has been an interesting, yet welcoming addition to the beauty market. This trend also speaks to the growing want for cleaner natural products that have less chemicals and less of an impact on the environment. “We will continue to see a strong focus in this category, especially with the aim of glowing skin following our COVID ‘hibernation’,” adds Dr Nikolic.

These are Dr Nikolic’s product suggestions:

2. Multi-functional products

These are products, which offer multiple benefits and ingredients rather than just one.

“We’re seeing that our customers want to opt for a few really good products that get the job done, rather than having to invest in multiple products..

These are Dr Nikolic’s product suggestions:

3. Sustainable products

Definitely has to be our favourite 2022 skin trend. With the summer months ahead, there has always been a huge focus on high SPF products. However, with the world moving towards a greener and cleaner state of mind, reef-safe products are growing in popularity, especially within this category.

There has also been a shift where brands move towards a more Eco-conscious approach with regards to the ingredients used and their packaging, thanks to an increase demand for clean beauty. Consumers are starting to understand ‘ingredients’ and want to know they are doing their part in helping the environment.

These are Dr Nikolic’s product suggestions:

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