So what makes a trend lit?

Jul 18, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

Hello Joburgers, it used to be all about what the models were wearing on catwalks. But we don’t just buy what they sell anymore. We have more freedom than that. We’ve got instant access to inspiration from around the globe, from the streets we step out onto, from art, from our own cultures, and we get to choose exactly what we want to wear when we want to wear it.

We are the ones who make trends lit … and this is how we do it.


We make statements

Who would dare stop us from stepping out in a figure-hugging neon snake print bodycon dress? Some people only dream of making head-to-toe statements like that. And we can pull off those kinda statements in stripes, leopard prints, and checks too.

We take it from work to play

We don’t only head-to-toe our prints. They’re way more versatile than that. Incorporate a little snake print number and totally elevate the whole look. Stripes can be layered with just about anything and can be both playful and sophisticated. Sometimes all we need to do with leopard prints is switch out our shoes to transform a look. And hey, there’s nothing like a faux fur jacket to add some vamp glam to a night out.


We work it

We know exactly what to do with the new yellow on the block. We’re working mustard in ways you have never even imagined. Monochromatic layering? Nailed it. Pops of mustard, playful mustard prints, bold swishes of eyeliner … we own it. We’re even planning how we’re bringing our favourite mustards into spring. Because our trends are about more than just one season.

We max it out

OMG we love the puffer. It’s the jacket to have right now. And we’re finding ways to wear it with everything. Puffers with skinny jeans and sneakers. Puffers with skirts and ankle boots. Puffers with leggings and long boots. Puffers with crop tops or hoodies or turtle necks. Puffers over prints, puffers with prints, puffers that pop … basically puffers are hot.


We bring it back

We know what we love and we know how to bring it back. Puffers are just one of many fashion items we’ve reclaimed from the 90s. And we’re loving the whole throwback to chenille. It’s so soft, all you want to do when you’re wearing it is hug yourself. All those cosy scarves, gloves, and jerseys are even cosier in chenille. Plus they add a soft shimmery texture to any winter look.

We make it ours

Big love to Edgars for being the window to our own self-expression right now. It’s not just all our favourites in the Free2bu collection this winter, it’s also the in-store customisation kiosks that give us total freedom of expression. We can rip and repair, print, embroider, and badge anything we want to totally make our own!

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