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Start the new year with creative flair!

Jan 8, 2019, Author: Carly Ritz

This is not a new year’s resolution by any means. Hell No! If you want to know what we think about those turn to page 10. Rather this is an appeal to start 2019 with some creative flair, a dash of inspiration and some fun.

So, what’s the arty deal anyway?

Even if you don’t swan in arty farty circles, perhaps you’ve seen a billboard near Montecasino, heard an ad on radio or read a review online.

Master Harold and The Boys, John Vlismas, William Kentridge, Disney on Ice? – ring a bell? Well, that’s what we’re talking about.


But, If you still have no idea what we’re talking about firstly, have you been living under a rock? And secondly its simple. Art encompasses all the fun stuff, the visual, literary and performing arts – everything from music, theatre, dance to spoken word and film and culture is the key to all of us as people. It is a set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices that characterise a region – and in our case make us proudly Mzanzi.

So, what?

Good question. Even if you’ve never seen a play or attended a pottery class, there’s nothing stopping you from starting. And here’s why you should!


Be smarter: It’s a fact, by engrossing yourself in the world of arts and culture, whatever aspect you chose you are bound to learn something new and interesting. Whether it’s just the words to a catchy song from a well-known play on at the Teatro, a few details about an old dead poet (#ShakespeareWasCool), local politics from a witty comedian or something you didn’t know about the country you live in from a period play about South Africa – we challenge the person who leaves such an engagement none the wiser!

Be more social: Arts and culture is really a big wide world that has a place for everyone so it’s certainly something you can do with family and friends. Whether it’s attending a live music show with work colleagues or taking your kids to the annual Pantomime, spending some non-traditional screen time is a great way to bond, relax and have fun in today’s world of gloomy twitter feeds.

Be more economical: While we may love to travel to faraway places, such indulgences can burn a hole in your pocket so early in New Year. Going to see a band play won’t break the bank and, in some cases, gallery exhibitions are for mahala. Enjoy a night out with friends and family and even a drink afterwards


Where to go (for arts and culture virgins)

In the mood for some soulful Jazz? Visit The Orbit at 81 De Korte St. Braamfontein.

Local theatre anyone? Try the Market Theatre in Newtown.

A few laughs? Book a seat at the Goliath Comedy Club in Melrose Arch.

Keen to learn to Zumba? Try Katz Dance Productions at 61 Woodlands Avenue Hurlingham, Sandton.

See some art? Visit CIRCA at 2 Jellicoe Avenue in Rosebank.

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