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Surviving dry January in Jozi

Jan 7, 2019, Author: Candice May

Yes, there are 31 days in sober January, but you’ll be able to make it!

Many people are hopping on the dry January bandwagon. If you’re one of them, you may be concerned that you’ll quickly find yourself at a loss for alcohol-free things to do. Worry not – there are plenty of ways to embrace sober Joburg! We’ve rounded up the best ways to keep busy, have fun and get fit (and with no hangover the next day!).


Unleash your inner child

Come January, adulting is harder than ever. Your alarm is set to go #backtowork, your sleep routine is wrecked, and you’ve set yourself some unattainable New Year’s resolutions. If you ask us, there’s no better time to unleash your inner child! Forget about that Monday morning meeting or dreaded commute and fly through the air and bounce off the walls at BOUNCE Inc, a massive indoor trampoline park where the wall becomes the floor, a slam-dunk is within your grasp and the rules of gravity no longer apply.

Waterfall Lifestyle Centre, corner of Waterfall Drive & Country Drive, Midrand

011 517 2500

Enjoy a non-alcoholic pairing

The Great Eastern Food Bar is one of the city’s most adventurous eateries, offering a variety of Asian ingredients imaginatively combined in tapas-like portions and noodle dishes that are perfect for sharing. The innovative menu doesn’t stop at the food though – on the drinks side, there are cordials made with fresh ingredients like bruised coriander and livened up with sparkling water, as well as drinking vinegars that are slowly poured over still water and fresh berries to complement the base flavour of the vinegar. Trust us – they look (and taste) like they could be cocktails! The sashimi tacos paired with the pomegranate option goes down a real treat!

53 Rustenberg Road, Melville

011 482 2910


Have a jam at sunrise

Just because you don’t want any of the strong stuff doesn’t mean you can’t disco. Secret Sunrise is a global movement that aims to unite the world through dance and conscious collaboration by combining aspects of meditation and ecstatic dance. The dance regimes are fun and easy to follow, and it sure beats pounding the treadmill at the gym! The classes take place on selected dates all around the city at locations like Killarney Country Club, Milk Bar Parkmore and Rand Club. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for details on upcoming events.

Become a culture vulture

Start seeing theatre shows and exhibitions as an alternative evening activity to social drinking. Not only will you enjoy the performances and art, but you’ll have plenty to talk about, so you don’t feel like the boring (sober) one when you do go to parties. Check out Joburg Theatre and The Teatro at Montecasino’s websites on the regular for information on upcoming shows, from popular mainstream productions including comedy, dance, musicals, drama and musical tribute shows, to pantomime productions that are always a hit with families.


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