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No sun, no problem: How to nail your faux glow this winter

Jun 29, 2020, Author: Candice May

Face it: Joburg’s winter weather can make it hard to feel glowy. But just because the temperatures are low and summer is at the opposite end of the calendar doesn’t mean you can’t fake it ‘til you make it! We’ve rounded up our favourite lotions […]

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How to get that pregnancy glow

Jun 23, 2020, Author: Bianca Spinner

Think of pregnancy as a time to refresh your beauty and wellness routine with brand-new products. We’re here to ensure you’re one happy mama for the next nine months with the very best recommendations. These are our ultimate preggy essentials.  TOP TIP   Look for products […]

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Winterize your skincare routine: Simple switches that will keep you glowing from head to toe

Jun 5, 2020, Author: Candice May

It’s time to press pause on your usual beauty routine. When the seasons change, your beauty routine needs to change too. These fantastic product swaps to make for winter will take care of you when those unforgiving and dry winds hit as well as make […]


Try this avocado, honey & yoghurt face mask tonight

May 28, 2020, Author: Candice May

Blackheads? Breakouts? Dry skin? We’ve got you!  If, like us, you’ve rewatched all seven episodes of Tiger King and are now pacing around your apartment with no end in sight, you’ve come to the right place. Tonight, we’re making a DIY face mask using the […]


Hail the ‘no makeup’ makeup look!

May 22, 2020, Author: Bianca Spinner

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt about skincare in 2020, it’s that a clean, fresh face is mandatory. We’re kind of over the full face of heavy makeup look anyway, so here’s how to achieve the on-trend ‘no makeup’ makeup look in six simple steps.  […]

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Quarantine beauty 101: Expert tips for at-home self-care with Tori from Kiss, Blush & Tell

May 4, 2020, Author: Candice May

While skincare and makeup blogs launch all the time, we continue to go back to Kiss, Blush & Tell over and over again. Joburg-based qualified esthetician Victoria Duckitt – better known as Tori by her incredibly loyal readers and followers – has been a pillar […]


Easy steps for at-home gel polish removal, damage-free!

Apr 20, 2020, Author: Candice May

With self-isolation in full effect, the urge to pick, rip or bite off your gel polish is strong – and weirdly satisfying. But we beg you to resist it, because doing this can also take off layers of your nail bed with it, which leaves your nails susceptible […]


Celebrity hairstylist David Gillson’s tips for upping your hair care routine in self-isolation

Apr 15, 2020, Author: Candice May

Your manicure has practically picked itself off. Your skin is crying out for its monthly facial. And as for your roots? Well, let’s just saying they’re growing faster than your indoor plants. Welcome to self-isolation, baby! While you’re practising self-isolation, especially from your hairstylist, it also […]


Bodycare from Africa is now available online

Jul 31, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it can often feel like there’s zero room for any downtime, let alone treating ourselves to a little pampering.  However, making self-care and relaxing a priority is essential to one’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. We can all agree that there’s […]


Skies and skin: the impact air travel has on your skin is real!

May 10, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

Considering dehydration, temperature changes, improper sleeping routines and possibly a poor diet are all parts of long-distance air travel, it is no wonder that it impacts your skin. READ MORE ON BEAUTY HERE. Beauty sleep is not so far-fetched if you think of it. Hopping on […]