Talking about identity: We’re diving deep into this issue

Oct 24, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

How do you identify? How you define yourself in a world so loud your voice may potentially be drowned out? These heavy topics allow incredible room to create art that not only addresses the conversation, but also presents a host of views that will inspire, scare and entertain you. 


The Good Things Guy 

Brent Lindeque jumped to prominence as ‘The Sandwich Guy’ when he turned a viral game encouraging people to down beers into him handing out food to those in need. The Internet sensation chose to go even further with his influence by setting up The Good Things Guy, a web portal that shares positive South African news every day. Brent is an openly gay 30-something living in Joburg. He opens up about his own struggles and how he remains so positive through his content on his site in both written and video content. It’s the perfect place to find joy and feel revitalised. You’ll fall in love with humans again! 

Zephany: Two Mothers, One Daughter

Many remember the story of Zephany Nurse, the baby stolen at birth and found at 17, when in a strange twist of fate her younger biological sister arrived at her high school. For the first time in a case that spans 21 years we hear from Miche Solomon, the stolen baby now mother, about her journey from being Miche, to Zephany and back to Miche. Her biography is now available and shares deep insight into her own struggle to find identity in a world so confusing while navigating a bizarre twist. How do you cope when the world you know becomes a lie? 



Joker drops on 4 October in cinemas … but the movie isn’t going to be the usual superhero fan films of late. Instead, Joaquin Phoenix takes up a role made famous by Heath Ledger and almost destroyed by Jared Leto, in a story about how the terrifying villain in Gotham City came to be. The movie focuses on how we cope when we try to find our place in a world of depression, crime and sadness, while exploring the effect of loss and circumstance on the psyche of someone still trying to find themselves. It will be dark and somewhat terrifying but is likely to be one of the smash BoxOffice hits of 2019.  

Between Two Ferns: The Movie 

Netflix has taken The Hangover’s Zach Galifanakis and his hit internet show Between Two Ferns and turned it into a movie. The smash-hit show poked fun at celebrities and showcased how ridiculous their lives are. The movie promises the same with your favourite celebrities making an appearance and allowing Galifanakis to point out how ridiculous fame and the new Internet culture is. John Ham, Benedict Cumberbatch, Mathew Mcconaughey, Will Farrell and many others all feature. You’ll laugh a lot and be reminded that sometimes we can poke fun at the ridiculous standards set by celebrity culture.  


By Sam Wright

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