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mothers day card and flowers

Mother’s Day this year is on Sunday the 9th of May 2021. Don’t blow it dads!

We thought we would prolong the at-home philosophy and utilize what we have in our own homes, strive for zero waste, be thoughtful and mindful about over consumption and not waste money.

And mamas we know you’ve been the tantrum and meltdown negotiator, tightened those mombuns and are now officially entitled to a wine and moan and yes you deserve a PHD in patience. So we are here to ensure you get what you deserve this Mothers day!

1. Make lasting memories

Cost: FREE

To-do list: make the household CEO a homemade Mothers Day card with whatever arts and crafts you have lying around the house. And then choose your favourite family photos, print them out and stick them in the card or if you have a spare frame, frame them so mom can keep the pictures next to her bedside table and cherish them forever.

2. Take her to Italy for dinner

pasta alfredo with handand cheese

Cost: R499 order a mini bag of seasonal, fresh, artisanal produce from the munching mongoose.

To-do list: Mum is lusting to travel; she’s been outnumbered for weeks, so take your wonder woman to Italy. Use old tomato cans and fill them with flowers from the garden for décor, you can also use old wine bottles and place candles inside for ambience. Cook her a three course Italian feast. For starters outlay a bruschetta bar, for mains cook her favourite pasta dish, pour her ultimate glass of vino and for dessert make her a panna cotta oh and blast Andrea Bocelli in the background. Bon appétit mama!

3. Let mamma escape to the movies

movie night image with remote

Cost: renting a movie on Apple TV R40 or Box Office R27 (if its your first movie its free) and buy her a box of chocolates too R60.

To-do list: build mom a fortress on the lounge floor, make it cozy and light a few candles. Rent her all time fave movie, pop some kernels on the stove, gift her with an entire box of chocolates, scheduled kisses and 2 hours of me-time or if she prefers watch it with her.

4. Give mom the gift of quality time

Cost: FREE

To-do-list: giving your birth giver a daily subscription to some me-time ensures she always has time devoted specifically to her, on a monthly basis. Because this is her special day, throw in a hand and foot massage and a ‘no sibling squabble for an hour’ voucher.

5. Create a kitchen herb garden

Cost: herb pack of seeds R10

To-Do list: If you have any spare terracotta, clay or cement pots or plastic containers you can use these to create a mini herb garden for mammy. Simply buy a few packs of her preferred herbs from the grocer, place the seeds and soil inside and voila! You can put them on a windowsill in the kitchen. Remember this is a win-win because it will encourage and inspire mom to keep on cooking her delectable dishes.

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