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May 29, 2017, Author: Hello Joburg

It all started in his bathroom – dancing in the mirror and pretending to be Britney Spears. Now he travels around the world sharing his fun dance routines with fans, and having the time of his life. Nice one, right Hello Joburgers?

Having always danced as an expression of himself, The Fitness Marshall aka Caleb Marshall, realised that this was his passion, what he woke up to do every day, and what made him the happiest. Now lets not say that starting a Youtube channel would be the next step for everyone, but it was for Caleb.

Picture this kid dancing in his bathroom and pretending to be a pop star, to running his own follow along dance classes in college, to deciding to start a Youtube channel…and the rest as they say is history.

Down to earth, with a wide smile and a sense of humour, we had a great meeting with Caleb this afternoon, and also enjoyed finding out a bit more about the man behind the Youtube sensation. Caleb is in SA as part of The Cotton On Body’s 10th year anniversary celebrations, and they are hosting a super special dance party tomorrow morning at Nelson Mandela Square – can you say excited!

How do you shoot your videos – they look so professional?

Having studied video production, Caleb has this down to a fine art, but basically it’s just him, his back up booties (dancers) a camera and a tripod.

“I am my own production crew. I set it all up and mic myself up manage the whole thing. It was so much fun and literally 8 months and 100 000,00 subscribers later and now I am impacting people’s lives  – getting letters, hearing the stories about touching peoples lives – it’s amazing.”

How often do you release a video?

Caleb admits that he is bad at schedules – he works solely from inspiration and passion, so for example hearing a great song on the radio will suddenly spark an idea, and off he goes – choreographing away.

Ideally every week to two weeks will see a new video being released, but as he reiterates, if its not coming from passion and a place of having fun, that will easily come across in the video – and the whole point of the videos is “to have fun and be carefree. The subscribers or viewers should be having the time of their lives and if I am stressed out and not having fun, I can’t be authentic – and I am all about being authentic and coming from my heart”.

Which is your favourite video so far?

So many to choose from, but Caleb says it must be “Dessert”. The two back up booties that he now uses, Bria and Hayley, were together for the first time and it just worked so well. At the end of the video they threw a pie on his backside – yes truly…hitting Google to check this out…please hold…

Or just about anything Britney Spears – Caleb LOVES Britney. Honestly. Watch “Dessert” here

What can we expect tomorrow at the event?

Just about everything you see in the videos – but to a whole new level. Its like watching a Beyonce concert – and then going and being Beyonce.

The events are cool, light-hearted and everyone just wants to have fun. Its about empowering women, and men, and letting them know that its okay to just do your thing and let it go. Nothing to be embarrassed or shy about, just have fun.

What do you do to relax – no dancing?

Binge watching Netflix, and eating popcorn on the couch under a blanket, would be the ultimate night in for this fitness buff.

What advice do you have for aspiring Vloggers/Youtubers?

Making sure that what ever you do – you must be 1000% passionate about it. People can tell if you are not authentic and coming from the heart, and they will pick up on that with out a doubt.

Its not an overnight thing – you will get there eventually, but just keep putting out the content, no matter what other people say. If it’s not something that you jump out of bed to do it – it’s not your passion.

Stick to it, just keep going, the success will come the hard work does pay off in the end, it does not come so easily, your audience will grow slowly. It’s not over night, but a mere 2 and a half years and almost a million followers later Caleb is an internet sensation. It can happen.

Where to next for The Fitness Marshall?

Take over the world. Or open the Olympics. Or both!

“All jokes aside, just keep doing what I am doing and reaching more people. The Cotton On Body tour has taken me to meet fans all over the world, that I didn’t even know where fans, or never thought I would be able to meet all these people.”

Wanting to feel loved and accepted is something universal, no matter where you are from, and Caleb will keep making his amazing videos and keep doing what he loves as long as it makes him happy. And to be honest that makes us happy too, Hello Joburgers.

Find out more about Caleb and his team (including his two back up booties Bria McCarty and Haley Jordan) on his website here or just skip all that blurb and subscribe to his channel here

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