The Happy Store makes every day a happy one

Sep 7, 2017, Author: Hello Joburg

The Happy Store South Africa has three specific service offerings Happy Gifting, Happy Packaging and Happy Designs, each one is perfectly tailored to your needs, and yes, you got it – they will certainly make you happy.

Based in Mafikeng, the team from The Happy Store are a team of hardworking designers, happily designing or crafting your specifically unique items. From posters and flyers to labels, tags and hampers, gift boxes and more for every occasion under the sun.

The Happy Gifting branch ran an awesome Women’s Day giveaway in August and they would like to extend their thanks to everyone who got engaged, by servicing even the smallest of gift orders.

A specifically gift tailored to your needs, your very own theme and personalisation, be it for a corporation, your event, or even a gift gesture to a family member.

The team at The Happy Store enjoy parties and events as much as anyone, and are focussed on perfecting themed packaging for your party favours and kiddie’s party packs.

Christmas always starts early when it comes to gifting, so why not start your gifting lists and ideas well in advance? Select from hand crafted or created items to create the most eye-catching gift for friends and family.

Shop online, and get your requirements delivered to your door, nationwide!

Download their app here or visit their Instagram page

Call or email us for a specified budget friendly quote.

T: 082 740 8185

E: [email protected]


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