The millennial mindset: how to engage the emerging generation 

Jun 20, 2019, Author: Candice May

The millennial generation – that’s anyone born between 1981 and 1996 (ages 23 to 38 in 2019) – is taking over the workforce. By 2020, they’re expected to make up half the global workforce (crazy, right?). What this means for the meetings and events sector is that organisers need to make conferences millennial friendly. Here’s how to leave a lasting impression on younger attendees at your events, written by a millennial with tips from experts.  


Ace the first impression with speedy Wi-Fi  

Understand that we cannot, under any circumstances, be without technology. First impressions count, and they’re especially important at a conference. The single most important thing that millennial attendees value is quick access to Wi-Fi and fast connection speed. Test the bandwidth of your coverage to ensure it can accommodate every attendee without delaying connections – and don’t even think about making your attendees pay for Wi-Fi if you want to avoid millennial upheaval.  

Make the hallway as appealing as the ballroom  

Networking spaces adjacent to the conference venues are more important now than they were two years ago. Conferences that get good at connecting people and ideas will win over next-generation attendees, so make sure you build in dedicated networking time, activities (think exploring local attractions and volunteering) or downtime where attendees can connect. Keynote speakers usually drive registration, but moving forward the opportunities will play a bigger role in millennials’ decision to attend an event.  


Create Instagram-worthy moments  

We’d be lying if said we didn’t attend events just so we have something to share on social media (well, mostly). Aesthetically-pleasing, high-impact décor, selfie stations and prominently displayed event hashtags have never been more important. Venue design, good lighting and ambience are other elements to consider when it comes to inspiring attendees to share their photos. One way to create an Insta moment is with visually creative food offerings – the key is to think of new and exciting combinations. Believe it or not, potato chips and champagne like Veuve Clicquot go great together!  

Be a problem-solver with charging stations  

We love interacting with our mobile devices at events using social media and apps, so low battery power can be a major problem. By having charging stations at your event, you’re solving this problem and proving that you know your audience. Why not consider creating comfy lounges with integrated charging stations? This could be fantastic for networking as well. If you opt for lockable charging stations, attendees will be able to lock up their phones and walk around the event while they charge.  


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