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The new darling of design: Gen Z yellow

Jun 7, 2019, Author: Candice May

It’s time to bid a fond farewell to the subdued tones of millennial pink and celebrate the latest shade beloved by the trendy tribe. Bold, exciting, surprisingly versatile and – dare we say – cooler than its predecessor, Gen Z yellow is easy to incorporate into your existing décor. Here’s how to take it from the runway straight into your home for a burst of happiness all year round. 


Go all out with beigey-yellow walls 

Most designers recommend using yellow in small doses, but you can, of course, go all in and paint your walls. If you decide to do this, make sure you choose a slightly greyed down version of yellow – look for a shade that appears slightly more beige on the paint chip. Feeling creative? Shades of yellow can also work well as an ombré effect to create a strong but sophisticated accent wall. All you’ll need are three different colours from the same colour family – one light, one medium and one dark. 

Paint your front door in the sunshiney hue 

If the thought of bright yellow walls is slightly too daunting, then a statement front door – one of the hottest trends of the year – is the next best thing. Add a fresh coat of yellow lacquer paint to your home’s most visible item to complement red brick perfectly, provide an eye-catching contrast to adjacent greenery and create a warm, welcoming entrance. Cheery yellow shades can take any boring item and turn it into something special – front doors, staircases, desk chairs and vintage chair frames.  


Take your kitchen from meh to modern 

Shades of yellow in the kitchen is hardly a new concept, whether in the form of a bowl of lemons or in unexpected places like the ceiling. Use it in fresh ways by pairing dining chairs in a muted shade of yellow with a Persian rug or replacing your kitchen bar stools or chairs with a yellow punch. Hot tip: make your appliances pop with a Smeg retro-style fridge, Dualit NextGen toaster, KitchenAid stand mixer or Le Creuset Dutch oven. 

Add a zesty pop to your living room 

Look for zingy yellow in an area rug, throw pillows and artwork to add instant energy to your living room. Pairing saturated hues with contrasting charcoal grey and black furnishings (which are always on-trend) will give it a contemporary look. If you like to go big, use the colour in a large statement piece of furniture on a medium like velvet to bring a classic, timeless feel to the piece. A maximalist might dress up the room with additional prints, while a minimalist could just add a pillow or two.  


Accessorise with yellow on a smaller scale 

Subtle hints of yellow – think a quilt, lumbar pillows or a bedside bouquet – can make a cohesive colour statement together in your bedroom. This colour takes a much bolder tone against a black wall than when paired with a white wall. You can also try a daffodil-coloured headboard, lamps with yellow bases or golden curtains. To extend the permanent place of happiness to your bathroom, swap out bath towels, pick up a bold patterned bath rug or snag a funky soap dispenser. 

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