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The Raj … a royal experience

Jan 9, 2019, Author: Danita Pilley

The Raj Indian Restaurants presents to you the legacy of India’s most ancient culinary heritage and will take you on a journey where the fusion of skilfully spiced dishes with its mesmerising flavours, textures and rich colours are sure to be an unforgettable experience. The Raj will quite literally transport you to a space of pure luxury where excellence, quality and richness transcend the everyday norm.

Indian food, with its delicious mix of spices, mouth-watering flavours and intoxicating aromas, has become coveted around the world. It’s a truly unique cuisine not just because of its taste or flavour but because of its rich history. The Raj Indian restaurant group has a history of its own bringing a taste of authentic North Indian cuisine to national diners for over 22 years. With its efficient friendly service, truly authentic offerings and ambience fit for royalty we can truly understand why it’s an experience like no other.


Dr Arun Jairath, an Indian born ophthalmologist who immigrated from the U.K to South Africa, saw an opportunity to launch an authentic Indian restaurant after struggling to find wholesome, tasty and high-quality North Indian food in South Africa. In 1996 equipped with a team of skilled Indian chefs, traditional recipes, authentic ingredients and decor imported from India, he opened his first restaurant in Kyalami. 22 years later a single restaurant has turned into a family owned franchise that has grown exponentially over the years. The Raj now has around 20 stores nationwide with flagship stores in Sun City, the Michelangelo Towers in Sandton and Camps Bay in Cape Town.

Walking through the doors of The Raj you feel a sense of warmth, with a friendly ambience, beautiful décor and a traditional Indian soundtrack that surrounds you. It’s a cultural experience right from the start. The wine list is extensive, having won numerous Diners Club awards and the menu in itself is a sight to behold offering a large variety of authentic Indian dishes such as Tikka Masala, Vindaloo, Korma & Bhoona. At The Raj, all the master chefs are from India and bring with them proud generations of Indian culinary knowledge and traditions. Aromatic spices are the essence of the dishes, the herbs are handpicked, and the spices are imported from India. The Raj Indian Restaurant group grows their own organic vegetables at their Head Office premises in Kyalami and have also partnered with local farmers in the area to ensure that only the freshest and highest quality produce is used. The freshness of each and every ingredient served at the franchise hugely contributes to the high quality and flavour of every dish that leaves the kitchen!

The waiters and chefs are trained to recommend and create dishes with customized heat levels so that each customer can experience every dish created to their specific taste and palate from mild, medium to hot. With a large variety of both vegetarian and vegan offerings, guests are sure to have all their needs met.


The exquisite food on offer is also perfectly complemented by their five-star locations as well as efficient and welcoming service which provides an unforgettable experience. From

delicious curries to knowledgeable staff eager to make recommendations, each and every aspect of The Raj Restaurants have been thought out, planned and well executed.

At The Raj, you can expect nothing less than a taste adventure with luxurious ingredients, tongue-tingling flavours and an atmosphere that will transport you to another world.


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