Top 3 facials to save your dehydrated skin

Jul 3, 2018, Author: Bianca Spinner

Grace Skin & Wellness 

What to have: Derma planning 

Cost: R500 

Tried, tested and rated: 9/10  

You do not need an excuse to visit this fabulous flower inspired salon, it is everything that a woman could ever dream of. Floral wallpaper, the friendliest service, champagne Fridays, the fresh smell of orchids and the most luxurious treatments available. 

Basically, if you plan to be there for an hour, add an extra hour because it is one of those places that you never want to leave. Let’s get down to the facial treatment, we had our first ever Derma Plane. Don’t be deterred by the blade because this treatment does not hurt one little bit. All the tiny blade does is remove the dead skin cells off the top layer of the face. It’s quick and painless but the results are immediate. Afterwards, the therapist will place a deep exfoliator onto the surface of the skin, which tingles for a minute or two. You won’t believe the glow and radiance that you’ll see instantly. Your skin will look brighter, plumper and more youthful. Tip: We didn’t experience any peeling post treatment but be prepared for that. 

A: 116, 11th Street, Parkmore 

T: 011 883 2760 

Viso Bello 

What to have: Kalahari Phyto Compound Facial 

Cost: 60min – R700 or 90min – R800 

Tried, tested and rated: 8/10  

This plush little haven initially opened its doors in 1994 and has just recently moved to the parks from the Grayston Shopping Centre. Elaine Meyer, the owner of Viso Bello, has set an incredibly high benchmark for the treatments provided and products used. Elaine has an astounding 40 year of experience, being a salon owner since 1980. She has met so many men and women with unique issues and treated so many different skin types that she is highly experienced. We were treated to an exquisitely pampering facial treatment, you know one of those facials where you find it hard to do anything but nod off into la la land? This nourishing facial ensures you leave with radiant, luminous looking skin. It’s extremely hydrating which is essential for the winter months, and it also restores the moisture and protects the skin. 

A: 15 7th Ave, Parktown North 

T: 011 327 6713 


Team Dr Joseph 

What to have: Team Dr Joseph Cellular Recreation Face treatment. 

Cost: R800 

Tried, tested and rated: 9/10

We’ve been a fan of Team Dr Joseph for years now and have used their beautiful, all-natural products religiously. Any company that believes no laboratory is greater than our garden, is a friend of ours. So, this all organic facial is no different. Completely replenishing your skins vigour and glow. Yip you heard it here, 100% natural. This treatment is based on the needs of your skin, scientific findings and the aim to create balance on the skins surface.  

Our favourite part of the treatment is the additional usage of cupping and stomping with natural poultices, plus a facial massage that stimulates your lymphatic system. If you are after a spoil and pure relaxation, then this is the treatment for you. 

A: Toast & Co, Craighall, Acorn Lane, Sandhurst or Linksfield Laser, Linksfield 


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