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Top 5 things we cannot live without this winter!

May 30, 2018, Author: Hello Joburg

Winter is coming! However, in case you thought possibly you had accidentally stumbled in to a Game of Thrones episode, fear not. We do however have a selection of 5 of THE best things that everyone should have on hand this winter, Hello Joburgers!

We all need some help staving off aches, pains and illness over the winter months, so we suggest getting in the now to stock up and save yourself the pain of digging yourself out of a mountain of tissues when the sniffles hit.

Turbovite Sweets

You’ve heard the saying – summer bodies are made in winter. Luckily, these are good for you while still tasting great. Turbovite sweets offer a broad vitamin and mineral base for energy plus Gingko Biloba and Ginseng for memory, brain boosting and mental alertness. Importantly, they also contain Vitamin C to help you stave off illness in the winter months.

Linctagon® Effervescent

In a nutshell, Linctagon® Effervescent helps you get over colds quicker than usual. It’s bound to happen to all of us now and then, and this fizzing wonder contains the active ingredient Pelargonium sidoides which helps to reduce the severity of symptoms. It also contains Vitamins A and C, anti-inflammatory MSM and immunity enhancer Zinc. The good news is that is comes in a kiddie’s option too!

Vigro 3-step Starter pack

Stress in general increases in winter – it’s freezing cold, you’re not getting the fresh air you used to on the balmy summer days or the de-stressing walks outside.

There’s one part of your body you don’t think about when you’re stressed and that’s your hair. One of the main reasons for non-genetic hair loss is stress, and to combat this, Vigro has a 3-step process that promotes hair health. This kit contains a shampoo, a bio-tonic and bio-capsules that assist from the inside, out.

Femagene heat patches

Now don’t be put off by the name, HJ! Although this product was intended to assist in easing menstrual pain – but trust us when we say they’re the ultimate for easing muscle pain of any sort – male or female.

In fact, the lovely heat that emanates from these patches means you can tuck one under your top (the heat patch should not be placed directly on the skin) at the office and keep yourself warm and toasty all morning. Think of it as a mini hot water bottle, but better.

Cuticura Herbal Camphor Crème

The Cuticura Herbal Camphor Crème aims to help soothe and restore the skin, while the Herbal Petroleum Jelly will help to protect and lock in moisture. Pair these products to help give your skin the best possible solution to dry, damaged skin this winter.

Here’s to better health this winter for all of us!

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