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Here our top five epic mountain bike trails to explore this season.

1. KwaNzimakwe Experience

Good to know: Traversing the Mpenjati River Valley, the KwaNzimakwe multi-trails range from 4 to 22km, with incredible views as well as wildlife and birdlife.


#HelloRecommends: The trails are also suited to hikers and bird watchers!

2.Umdoni Park Trust Golf Club and Nature Reserve

Good to know: this nature reserve is home to a variety of trails that can take anywhere between 15 minutes and two hours, depending on the cyclists’ preference and endurance level.

#HelloRecommends: The trails wind around the Umdoni Park Golf Course overlooking the ocean.

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3. Clearwater Trail Centre

Good to know: Just outside of Southbroom, on the banks of Mtamvuna River, is Clearwater Trails. There are five routes, beginning with the easy 2km green route trail and extending through to the 16km route.


#HelloRecommends: The bike trails end with the Coffee Bean Uphill and finish at Clearwater Cabins.

4. ANEW Resort Ingeli Forest

Good to know: Found inland near Harding is the beautiful Ingeli Forest, an indigenous forest that consists of a variety of mountain biking (as well as hiking and running), from 18km to 30km.


#HelloRecommends: The trails cross forest streams and waterfalls.

5. Beaver Creek Coffee Estate

Good to know: This Port-Edward-based biking destination is the southernmost coffee estate in the world which has quality coffee to match its quality trails. There is a 2.5km Espresso Route through the Beaver Creek coffee fields. Then there’s the advanced 8.5km Stoney Creek Route through Beaver Creek and surrounding farms.


#HelloRecommends: For the children, there is the 400m Chocochino Route.


For more info on the trails on the #KZNSouthCoast, download the free ‘Explore KZN South Coast’ app from Google Play and Apple stores or visit

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