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Our top Instagrammers to follow during lockdown

Apr 16, 2020, Author: Bianca Spinner

Losing motivation during corona crisis? Here’s how to fix it!

Ease off social media; stay up to date on Facebook. Take a break from technology, download this new app. Be productive, keep motivated, watch Netflix and chill! HELP!

We say do what makes you happy!

And of course we’re always here to assist. So we compiled our list of the best peeps to follow on Instagram right now.

For the animal person, follow @shwarzenegger

Like you needed a reason to follow the terminator?! Okay so basically he told us he would be back and he is, with a bang! The fact that he has two donkeys living in his home is all the incentive we needed to follow Arnie. But it gets better, their names are Lulu and Whiskey and he’s selling t-shirts inspired by them. It’s all kinds of amazing!

For the mom eating her lunch in her closet, follow @heartsandhiccups

This parenting and lifestyle bloggers Insta page is not what you would expect! She doesn’t create 101 crafts a day and she refreshingly doesn’t profess to have a hold of herself. Because we could all do with a little humour right now, she’s just what the Dr. ordered. From swimming twenty laps in her toddler’s pool to fattening the curve with binge eating litres of Marcels froyo, we love her for keeping it real!


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Popped in at the hairdresser today! Shoooooo but my roots need serious help. I used a new person as my beloved @amaarah.majiet who usually lightens my locks selfishly didn’t want to leave her house! Don’t know what that’s all about? Anyways, I’ve started questioning if I’m even considered blonde any more as my dark brown roots are already half way down the back of my head. The new hairdresser sat me down and started wrapping tinfoil in my hair. I don’t think he really knew what he was doing. He was also quite rough with my hair! When I squealed “ow” he had the cheek to even laugh at me! Wtf. Amaarah usually uses a fine toothpick thing but this guy was just wrapping huge pieces of foil around chunks of my hair. There was no relaxing head massage either. He was ruthless and insisted that he wasn’t going to include even a shampoo. I must be honest, I was so relieved to leave his salon. When the tinfoil came off, it looked EXACTLY THE SAME as when I came in! Thank goodness he only requested that I give him lunch as payment, otherwise I would’ve felt extremely ripped off. I can’t wait for my regular hairdresser, my hair is in a really bad state.

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For the couch potato needing encouragement, follow @mileycyrus

Not only is she a masterful musician but also now she is officially a talk show host- I mean she even has her own mug, it’s legit! She reminds us how to keep lit through dark times and began an Insta live show called Bright Minded. It’s not about fame or fortune its about practical, helpful, inspiring people and stories. From psychologists to environmentalists to zero waste activists to incredible wonder women, plus she’s colourful and infectious and her DJ is her dog Emu and her co-host is her rescue pup Bow. SOLD!

For the wanderluster, follow @visitsouthafrica and @meetsouthafrica

What a way to celebrate our magnificent country! Following these two accounts will no doubt inspire you, you might even have a travelgasm! We know it’s gloomy not being able to explore our country and its natural beauty but in the mean time, scroll through, take a virtual tour and create a wishlist of where you want to travel to locally.


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The Western Cape is one of South Africa’s most loved provinces, for locals and tourists alike. There’s no question why that is. Voted one of the Top 5 most Instagrammable places in the world, the coastal city of Cape Town shines boldly on the world stage. One of the favourite mounts is Lion's Head. A  mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, between Table Mountain and Signal Hill. Lion's Head peaks at 669 metres above sea level. The peak forms part of a dramatic backdrop to the city of Cape Town and is part of the Table Mountain National Park. A hike up Lions Head is a must in the summer months when the daylight hours are longer and one can catch a breath-taking sunset from the top . This is a great image by @helloemilie . #MeetSouthAfrica #CapeTown #WesternCape #LionsHead #SouthAfrica #ExperienceSouthAfrica #Explore #Adventure #Travel #TravelBug #Explore #TravelGram #capetownlifestyle

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For the class clown would-be, follow @trevornoah

This proudly South African comedian needs no introduction. And if you didn’t already know, he’s been offering his live show from his couch during lockdown (his Trump impersonation will change your life). His page is super cool to follow too because he shares LOL videos whether it be a 97 year old dancing to JT or romantic pics with his pooch, we’re big fans!

For the Martha Stewart monomaniac, follow @kaminipather

This food goddess has nailed the term quarantine cuisine. Every day she makes us drool with her sensational recipes, and all her recipes and ingredients can be found on each Insta post. From homemade sourdough loaves to delectable Dhal to Cow Bean Curry to Canna Coconut oil cookies, its all yumminess! Be warned you will plough through all the food goodness and pack on the pounds but we say quarantine calories don’t count!

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It’s Day 19 and I’m feeling rattyAF. I miss exercising. I’m running low on gelato. My sourdough from yesterday (pictured here) would sink if I was to feed the ducks. I want to walk my dog and go swimming in the sea. My sense of humour is waning today as I stomp around the apartment wanting to stop feeling all wound up and crotchety. My ADHD has also had a flare up – I can’t sit still long enough to commit to watching a series and don’t talk to me about movies, committing to a movie feels WAY out of my depth right now. Maybe I should consider a scream into a throw cushion 🤔 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ How are you feeling today? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #lockdown #covid19 #coronavirus #sourdough

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For the beauty beyond size activist, follow @thebirdspapaya

Talk about body positivity, ladies this one is for you. Remember this name: Sarah Nicole Landry. She is a mother, writer and a social media lifesaver. It doesn’t get more authentic then her, she shows all sides of her life and body, cellulite and all, and we appreciate it! Plus she has the cutest pug in the world, so that’s a good reason to follow her. She doesn’t appear to have the perfect family or perfect body and admits to having issues with under eating and being obsessive about losing weight. She owns what her mama gave her and its uplifting to witness in a world full of superficiality. Bravo!


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