Top three hacks for the perfect work lunch

May 9, 2019, Author: Danita Pilley

We all try to pack lunch for work as often as possible but despite our best efforts, we end up falling into the habit of buying takeaways or ready meals regardless of our dwindling bank accounts.  

Truth be told, we’re all only human and going through the effort of thinking and planning creative and exciting ideas for lunch and then still having to make them at 07h00 during an already rushed morning isn’t ideal. So, in an effort to break these bad habits, we’ve put together a simple list of rules to follow to ensure you have a kick-ass work lunch every day that will surely make your colleagues jealous.  


Be cost-effective
Sure, you can scourer the internet for some of the most extravagant recipes that require hundreds of ingredients and intricate cooking methods but, realistically, how long will you keep it upThe first step in maintaining a good work lunch routine is cutting costs because there’s no better motivation than seeing the amount of money you can save from ditching your daily trip to Kauai. Try buying ingredients like brown rice, quinoa, fresh veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds in bulk. If you already have these ingredients at home you’ll be more inclined to use them, and you’ll save a bunch of cash.


Keep it simple
No one wants to spend an hour the night before or in the morning preparing a gourmet meal. That’s a habit just asking to be broken, so keep it simple.  


Keep it (somewhat) exciting  

Every lunch doesn’t have to be a five-star affair and every mouthful doesn’t need to be the most mind-blowing sensory experience either but it’s important to pack a lunch that you look forward to eating. Switch up ingredients, play with textures and make sure you’re not packing the same thing every single day.   

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

Taco salad with salsa, avocado, beans and cheese 

Apple sandwich with almond butter and granola  

Red pepper, goat cheese, and fresh mint wrap 

Citrus, quinoa and almond salad  

Buddah bowl with chickpeas, avocado and rice  

Superfood smoothie  

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