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Sep 24, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

Inspired by the #NoMakeUp trend gaining momentum, Nimue Skin Technology has launched a 12 Week Challenge that demonstrates how its unique delivery system technology helps women achieve transformed skin results, giving them the choice to wear foundation.


Nimue’s challenge and promise is simple. Take up the 12 Week Challenge and if you can’t ditch your foundation in week 13, they will give you your money back. 

“After 12 weeks on the Nimue Challenge, your skin and the results will speak for itself. It’s one thing having the right ingredients, but it’s another making sure they get to where they need to be,” says Roberta Donovan, Nimue’s Global Marketing Manager. “Nimue’s delivery systems ensure targeted delivery of actives to the areas in the skin where each ingredient is needed the most. By working in, and not just on the skin, Nimue successfully treats the root cause of skin problems.”

Each 12 Week Challenge package includes six of Nimue’s cutting-edge homecare products including a Cleanser, Conditioner, Exfoliating Enzyme, Day Cream, Night Cream and SPF 40 and four professional treatments specific to your skin classification.

“By combining Nimue products with professional treatments, product efficacy is significantly enhanced. Whether your skin classification is Environmentally Damaged, Hyperpigmented, Problematic or Interactive, there are products and professional treatments in the range to tackle your concern,” says Donovan.


Are you ready to take up the 12 Week Challenge?

Visit to find a participating salon nearest to you, make an appointment to have your free skin analysis done and then purchase the Nimue 12 Week Challenge package designed for your specific skin classification.

The cost of each 12 Week Challenge package is R 5 096 (valued at R 6 370) which includes professional treatments. The homecare kit can be purchased separately for R 2 800 (valued at R 3 500).

You can only qualify for the money back guarantee if you follow the complete 12 Week Challenge program, which includes homecare products and professional treatments under the guidance of your Nimue qualified therapist. 


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