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True review: Agatha Christie’s THE MOUSETRAP

Apr 3, 2019, Author: Hello Joburg

Here at HJ we love a front seat to a classic show, so we made a point to see Agatha Christie’s murder mystery great, THE MOUSETRAP as it wrapped after a successful run at The Pieter Torien theatre last month.


Set in the guest-house of newly married couple Mollie and Giles Ralston, all hell breaks loose when a ferocious storm traps a motley crew of guests inside Monkswell Manor and someone is murdered. One by one the suspicious characters reveal their disreputable pasts (classic “who-dunnit”) until at last, the unlikely murderer is revealed. By all accounts the show served as a great production, with fantastic costumes and stage design, we absolutely loved it – but as regular theatregoers it would be remiss not to offer a tiny bit of constructive commentary. #DontBeAHater


We couldn’t help but notice a stack of Vogue Magazines alongside the sofa, front and centre in the guesthouse lounge. Nothing too out of the ordinary just yet as the first British Edition of Vogue landed in 1916 and the story is set in 1947. But what did suddenly trip us up from our late 40s day-dream was one of the characters reading said Vogue with an advert for a Motorola smart-phone on the back. Clearly a current version of the mag which albeit might seem pedantic, for someone engrossed in the story like us, such detail brings you straight back to just a seat at Montecasino.

The devil is always in the detail isn’t it? Use it or lose it directors.


Written by Frank-Lee in the front row

Stay tuned for more arm chair reviews as we seat hop from one Jozi theatre to the next!

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