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We all have that extra lockdown load. You know the one we’re referring to. Those extra 5kg hanging around the belly all thanks to lockdown. Yes we became lazier and had an extra cookie here and there but let’s not continue the feast all season long.

Rather try this super easy 5-day challenge with Herbalife:

Day 1: Add Protein

Adding protein to your diet comes with a host of benefits, including its ability to increase muscle mass and boost our metabolism. “One study has shown that protein is filling, keeping our hunger levels at bay.” Protein shakes are also an option.

Day 2: Add More Water

Add more water, doesn’t mean adding more water to your hot chocolate. It means staying hydrated during the colder months as it supports physical activity, maintains energy levels, and bolsters your overall health.

Day 3: Get Moving

Move more, eat less. Exercising is a sure-fire way to warm yourself up, getting fit and healthy. Even walking is enough and is an easy way to get the heart pumping. Hey get the whole family involved so that you can motivate each other.

fitness image hello joburg

Day 4: Go Green

Eat more plants and by doing so you’re doing your bit to help the planet, and second, it’s a great way to ensure you’re including a variety of food in your diet so that you get all the necessary nutrients. Have a meatless day and whipping up colourful plant-based meals that are filling.

Day 5: Focus on Health

It’s imperative to nurture our state of mind, too. Be kind to yourself and know that nothing happens overnight. Why not set clear goals that are attainable? You’ll swiftly improve your mood and energy levels.

Good luck!

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