Unladylike and loving it: all the things we do that drive him mad

Aug 15, 2019, Author: Carly Ritz

Most of us like to be liked. It’s totally human. If you’re winning at the like/share/comment game, then keep going! But it’s also exhausting having to dot the i’s and cross the t’s all time to keep your dude happy. This month, we’re owning some of our more ‘annoying’ traits and if bae don’t like it – well, then, bye Felicia! 


Public displays of affection 

When we’re in love we don’t care who knows it – so shape up or ship out. If you don’t like being kissed in public or holding hands at the movies then find someone equally indifferent. Gone are the days when women have to hold themselves back or behave themselves because you feel ‘embarrassed’ – trust us, she’ll find someone who wants to love her and let the whole world know. So next time she plants a sloppy wet kiss on your cheek in front of your mates, go with it or go home. 

Feelings for days 

If the sound or sight of a woman’s ugly cry scares you, maybe it’s time for a little introspection. In most cases men don’t have difficulty with your emotion, but with their own and that’s not your problem – it’s his. We’re not saying kick him to the curb because he’s out of touch with both your and his feelings, but let him know that if he wants to stay with you then he needs to lose the fear that displaying emotions will counter his mandate as an ‘oke’.  


Take me for who I am  

So you paint your nails shocking pink, dye your hair blue and snort and laugh during funny movies and he can’t sand it. Men who want to change physical attributes and habits or influence your appearance will slowly start wanting to change a whole lot more. The truth is they are probably a little shallow and insecure themselves. Snort on, guuurl! 

Girls’ night  

He sulks when girls nigh rolls around because A) he has to cook for himself and B) you may come home a little tipsy and rowdy and overshare about the things you discussed with your pals. Best he put on his big boy undies especially if you have been on the receiving end his ‘one more drink after work with colleague’ or his best mates stag night. Alternatively, a cute puppy will also be more than happy to have you home and listen to the details of your night out. 


You’ve agreed to watch a ‘skop, skit and donner’ flick with him rather than Renee Zellwegger new series What If on Netflix. The show’s plot it either a tad inconsequential or hard to follow so you ask a few questions and it drives him nuts. Well there goes his turn with the TV remote if that’s the case. If you’re watching testosterone trivia with him, the least he can do is keep you informed. 


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