Vibrant skin, vibrant life: An interview with Diana van Sittert

Jun 16, 2020, Author: Candice May

We live by the words, “Invest in your skin. It’s going to represent you for a very long time.” So, of course, we jumped at the opportunity of a one-on-one Diana van Sittert, national sales and education manager and skincare expert for 365 SKIN WORKOUT. From her personal favourite product to why it’s still necessary to apply an SPF in winter, we chat to her about all things skincare.


Whats the idea behind the 365 SKIN WORKOUT brand? 

There are thousands of products to choose from and dozens of new musthave ingredients that are introduced every year, and the choices have become endless and overwhelming. 365 SKIN WORKOUT knows through years of skin knowledge and product formulation technology that skincare doesn’t have to be so complicated. It was therefore decided to start this range based on the following approach: Less product, more multifunctionality in each product and more results in less time. 

Tell us about the products in the range. 

The range is broken down into SKIN WORKOUT steps and only consists of 18 products. First, Warm Up with ESSENTIALS like the Multicleanse, Active Toner and Exfo Gel. Then, do some Cardio with MOISTURISERS such as the Day Bright or Night Bright, followed by Strength Training with SPECIALISED and SERUMS to reverse and prevent specific skin concerns. Lastly, Cool Down with MASKS like the Instant Radiance Mask or Instant Hydrating Mask. 

Are there products to suit every skin type? 

365 SKIN WORKOUT has personalised prepacked homecare kits for each skin concern: BRIGHT for hyperpigmented skin, RENEW for ageing skin, RESTORE for sensitive skin, BALANCE for problematic skin and HEALTHY for normal’ skin that wants to remain optimally healthy. All products in the homecare kits are also available for individual purchase. 

Are the products suitable for men as well? 

Advertising skincare products based on gender, age and ethnicity is a retail gimmick. The truth is that skin is skin! It’s our biggest and most important protective organ. The key is to know how to get this organ working optimally so that it can become less product dependent. This is where 365 SKIN WORKOUT comes in. Its a revolutionary approach to skincare as we retrain the skin as a whole, thus making the range suitable for any gender, age or ethnicity, with slight tweaks as to the level of activity that will be introduced based on the specific skin concern. 


Can these products be integrated into your existing skincare routine? 

It can definitely be integrated with one rule: Don’t layer different product ranges. For example, you can use a 365 SKIN WORKOUT cleanser and another brand’s moisturiser, but don’t apply a serum from one brand under a moisturiser of another brand as no one is sure if the delivery systems and/or ingredients used may clash. 

Tell us about your favourite product in the range. 

My favourite product by far is the Retinol Refirm. Im 40 years old and often get asked; “You look so young – what’s your secret?” There are only two ingredients that we know of that can to a certain extent reverse and prevent ageing, being retinol and peptides. The Retinol Refirm is the only retinol-based product that I can use daily without the common ‘retinol response of dryness, sensitisation and skin thinning. This is made possible with the unique U-complex delivery system and hydrolysed wheat protein. Not only does it slow down the ageing clock, it also has an instant firming effect! 

Which product would you recommend new customers try first? 

I always recommend starting with the Multicleanse. Think of your skin as a house: If the foundation is not strong, the house will crumble. The same happens with the skin. So many consumers opt for a cheaper cleanser option like soap and spend money on their moisturisers instead. Your moisturiser loses up to 60% of its efficacy and product penetration ability if the correct cleanser isn’t used to prepare the skin and remove toxins from the cells to ensure space for the moisturiser ingredients to penetrate. 

Which top three products would you recommend for winter? 

Winter is when the skin needs the most comfort and protection against moisture loss as a results of barrier damage due to heaters and so on. For that reason, my favourites are the Exfo Gel to rid the skin of dead skin cells, the Instant Hydrating Mask to repair the skin barrier and lock in moisture as well as the Skin Hydrating Serum to soothe, calm and hydrate the skin both superficially and in depth whilst adding anti-itch and anti-redness benefits. 


Is it still necessary to apply an SPF in the colder months? 

Definitely! The sun doesn’t lose its damaging power in winter even though it feels colder. A top tip to remember is that blue light is the new sun damage. Were exposed to this between eight and 10 hours per day in the form of mobile phones and laptops. The SPF 30 protects against the sun, blue light, infrared, indoor lighting and pollution. 

How often would you recommend masking in winter? 

The Instant Hydrating Mask will give you an instant surge of moisture and comfort and can be used as often as you feel your skin needs rescuing, but two to three times per week is normally sufficient. Remember that it only takes three minutes versus the typical mask that needs 10 to 15 minutes to do its job. 

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