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Warm and toasty: The City of Gold’s best comfort food dishes

May 20, 2020, Author: Candice May

When the colder months come around and all you want is a little taste of home, there’s nothing more belly-warming than one of Joburg’s best comfort food dishes that are guaranteed to blow your thermal socks off. These dishes are like Mom used to make, but professionally done – from golden, bubbly macaroni and cheese to slurp-ready dumplings. 


Drop Out Burger at Drop Out 

The cheeseburger at this new burger joint below J Rabbit Tequileria is a bite of a bygone era, simple griddled on a flattop and medium-rare juicy. The burger arrives on a pillow-soft, lightly toasted potato bun, with melted cheese, crisp lettuce, tomato, grilled onion, Drop Out sauce and chips on the side. 

Shop 5 Illovo Junction, corner of Corlett Drive & Oxford Road, Illovo 

Land of Milk and Honey at Teta Mari 

If you get one of the plates of warm, vanilla-infused kitka French toast at this Middle Eastern inspired café, you’re in for sweet-tooth nirvana. The bread is doughy yet flaky, and the dollop of crème fraîche
is accompanied by halva and toasted almond flakes for a rich, yet not-too-sweet topping. 

Shop 5 Illovo Square, corner of Harries & Rivonia Roads, Illovo 


Rotisserie Chicken at Glenda’s 

The whole roast stuffed chicken at Glenda’s serves two to four people, so prepare to divvy up the juicy, crisp-skinned meat between you and a couple of friends. It comes with salad and roast potatoes that are great for dunking in the gravy. 

Hyde Square, corner of North Road & Jan Smuts Avenue, Hyde Park 

Truffle Mac & Cheese at The Countess 

It wouldn’t be a list of comfort food without an appearance from this classic – and this authentic American smokehouse makes some of the best mac and cheese in town. Served with confit garlic toast and greens, it arrives in a cast-iron dish straight from the oven. The hype is real, people! 

27 Boxes, 75 3rd Avenue, Melville 


Sichuan Chicken Dumplings at The Great Eastern Food Bar 

Steaming, soup-filled dumplings are a comfort-food hybrid, and the version at this Asian tapas spot – with a delicate, nearly translucent wrapper that doesn’t burst under the weight of its chicken filling – guarantees that the steaming spicy broth will make the journey from chopstick to mouth. 

The Post Office Centre, 30 Rudd Road, Illovo 

Grilled Lamb Skewers at Soul Souvlaki 

The guys at Soul Souvlaki are the kings of Greek street meat. The succulent, beautifully charred lamb skewers come with Aegean slaw, warm pita bread and tzatziki and fresh chilli on the side. Comfort is knowing that you’re going to get the same thing every time, and sometimes that’s all you need. 

Visit their website to find your nearest store 

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