We are cool by the pool!

Dec 21, 2016, Author: Hello Joburg

Hello Joburgers, we’re blessed when it comes to the weather. We have a scorching summer ahead of us and what better way to take advantage of it than by lounging by the pool? We found a few goodies to add colour to your summer…

Glam gal

A new summer season means a new swimwear! We’re in love with the Beach Safari bikini from the Tribal Earth Collection by Watercult. (R1740 for the top, R1055 for the bottoms). Not comfortable showing all that skin? Slip into this gorgeous Colour Garden one piece from Charmline (R2630).


For the boys

Dying to show off your summer body? Do it in a pair of incredibly stylish Mirage Override boardshorts by Rip Curl (R1099). Loud and proud… we think these Mask Square Shorts by Holmes Bros are simply awesome (R339). The best part? They’re both available via online shopping!

holmes-bros-6718-267311-1 rip-curl-4062-486341-1


Mermaid hair, don’t care!

This floppy brim straw hat from Mr Price is a must have to keep that sun off your gorgeous face (R89.99).



Whatever floats your boat

If you’ve been envious of all those celebs posting pictures of their amazing floats on Instagram (we’re looking at you GoodLuck and Taylor Swift), then rejoice! We found them at Luxefloat. Get your hands on this Black Swan Float (R1080), or this Cool Emoji Float (R870) pronto people! They’ve got pizza slices, the pink frosted doughnut and yes, even the poop emoji. Summer just got a whole lot more fun!


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