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The Cradle is Joburg’s best weekend destination

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Natural swimming pool

Home is where the heart is, they say. However, we can all agree that our homes have somewhat become a place of confinement and negativity, for obvious reasons that we don’t need to get into. Well as always, we’re here to help those of you who would like to get out of their space for a couple of days but are still a little apprehensive to travel too far from home.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been on a mission to find some of the best weekend accommodation spots near Joburg that will rejuvenate your soul, revitalize your relationship and bring a little peace and tranquility into your hearts. Here are our top 3 places to consider when planning your next weekend break from the city:

Misty Hills Country Hotel, Conference Centre & Spa

for a truly unique African experience

Now if you’ve lived in Joburg for the last 30 years or so then you’ve definitely heard of Misty Hills. However just because they’ve been around for that long, don’t pass over this truly unique African destination when planning your getaway.

No detail has been overlooked when the owners created this Country Hotel in The Cradle and from the moment you enter at the gates to the time you check-out of your room, you’ll experience something totally different from anything you’ve experienced before. 

The hotel has a beautifully appointed Spa in the Country, with an indoor swimming pool, several treatment rooms and a selection of spa packages to suite individuals, couples, corporates and groups.

While exploring the property, you wouldn’t believe that there is a massive Exhibition Centre that will comfortably accommodate 55 exhibitors, 200 stone-built, thatch bedrooms and a couple Presidential suites with private plunge pools.

The most exciting destination on this 60 acre wilderness has to be The Carnivore Restaurant. This all-you-can-eat gastronomic location catres for up to 500 guests and offers the widest selection of venison, beef, chicken and pork, in Gauteng, if not South Africa.

A visit to Misty Hills Country Hotel, Conference Centre & Spa will leave you feeling truly grateful to be an African and a part of this beautiful and dynamic continent.

Muldersdrift Estate 69 Drift Boulevard (R114) Muldersdrift



a reprieve from the stresses of the city

Farmhouse is an integral part of project58, which is a is huge multi-faceted destination in the centre of the Cradle of Humankind, where it all began. 

While the greater farm is still under construction (the restaurant, sheds, greenhouse, chicken run, fitness centre and villas) guests have the option to experience a first look and feel while staying at Farmhouse which is the accommodation and spiritual element of the larger project.

The main buildings, dining area and bedrooms have been designed with a unique Japanese concept in mind, called wabi sabi, that appreciates beauty in the incomplete and imperfect.

If you’re looking for a digital detox, spiritual journey or just wanting to walk around the earth barefoot for a couple of days then this one is 100% for you. They have created an environment where guests can immerse themselves in nature while reconnecting with what really matters, whatever that may be for the individual. Surrounded by rolling hills, natural spring water and views over the vast Magaliesberg mountains, the shangri la that is Farmhouse is a destination that we can’t stop recommending.

#HelloRecommends: Booking your next stay at Farmhouse through www.curiocity.africa as they offer amazing packaged experiences with the curios in mind. Think nature hikes, township tours and b raai and whisky tastings. 

R540 Kromdraai Road, Krugersdorp

Cradle Boutique Hotel

for the holistic journey back to where it all began

The Cradle Boutique Hotel has gone through several iterations over the years and has now finally found its true rhythm in the heartbeat of Africa. From the newly built Sky Room Suites to the revamped restaurant and function areas, your journey through the sprawling 9,000 hectares private nature reserve will excite and entice you on many levels.

The culinary team have curated a delicious menu that they’ve labeled bush-bistro style. If you’re looking for easy eating, lazy afternoon lunches and delectable dinners then this restaurant will not disappoint. We recommend booking for a weekend lunch well in advance as they have become the leading dining destination in the Cradle.

One of their must-experience activities is The Malapa Tour, which is an exclusive, private guided tour in open game drive vehicles that affords guests the unique opportunity of experiencing, firsthand, two active fossil digs in the heart of the Cradle of Humankind. Two world famous sites — Gladysvale and Malapa — are key attractions visited on this tour.

With multiple accommodation options, from the above mentioned Sky Rooms to the Sunset and Junior Suites and expensive Owners Suite there is a room for every type of experience. We stayed in The Sky Rooms and the view over their property is magnificent!

R540 Kromdraai Road, Cradle of Humankind

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