Wellness Warehouse open new store in Benmore Gardens

May 7, 2018, Author: Hello Joburg

Wellness Warehouse is growing in leaps and bounds and new stores are opening all over Gauteng, making health food shopping and access to organic food and supplies much easier for us all – and that certainly makes us happy, Hello Joburgers!

A new store has just opened its doors in Benmore Gardens and it is no surprise as to why this shop is already bustling. One of Wellness Warehouse’s trademarks is it’s organic and “free-from” food ranges and superior supplements as well as eco-friendly home solutions and cruelty-free beauty products, all offered with their characteristic 360° approach to wellbeing and personal service.

Established in 2007 by two brothers; Sean Gomes, a medical doctor with a passion for preventative healthcare and Carlos Gomes, a retail pioneer with a vision to offer everything you need to live life well under one roof; Wellness Warehouse has since grown into South Africa’s largest wellness retailer.

The new Benmore Store offers some firsts for the group. One being the introduction of Cape Organic fresh fruit and vegetables.The struggle with organic produce is supplying consistently and with this partnership, they hope to overcome this hurdle.

Basic produce such as lettuce and tomatoes as well as other vegetables are now available in store. Another great aspect about this is that Wellness trusts these suppliers – you know where the produce is coming from and that they’re certified organic.

Wellness Warehouse Benmore also offers a wonderful vegan range – a wide variety of frozen meat substitutes and meat-free options are in their freezers. Hello Meat Free Monday!

As the public becomes more aware of the harm that pesticides do to the body, as well as the negative impacts of our stress-filled lifestyles, the focus on organic, fresh products are in huge demand. Cold-pressed juices, sourdough bread, banting bread and a vast gluten free range, as well as many supplements, stock the shelves.

The store has a variety of naturopaths, vitatherapists and nutritionists on their floor at all times – make sure to chat to the experts, who will be able to assist you with any product queries and offer suggestions, solutions and advice.

Another great initiative that Wellness Warehouse has just launched is their ‘One Small Change Campaign’. The campaign encourages people to just make one small change to their lifestyle at a time, instead of trying to do a huge shift, which can be very overwhelming, to say the least.

The ethos is to help and guide people to start living a better life, and this vibrant store is the perfect place to begin that journey.

Wellness Warehouse is passionate about making it possible to live life well and is more than just an everyday health shop, but rather a destination, an experience and lifestyle – and that it surely is!

Now please excuse us while we munch on our yummy gluten-free chocolate biscuits…

A: Shop 125, Benmore Centre, Benmore Gardens

T: 011 883 3453


Images: Blush Photography

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