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What does your coffee say about you?

May 25, 2018, Author: Hello Joburg

It’s our life blood, Hello Joburgers! Well, how on earth do you think we are so creative, not to mention hilarious?Also it keeps us sane and from killing our co-workers, right? 😉

However, we did not know that the type of coffee you drink says a lot about your character. For example, people who are trendsetters, adventurous, perfectionistic and sensitive are most likely to opt for Cappuccinos and Lattes, the type of coffee most South Africans are associated with.

We recently discovered that the team at California State University did a survey on 1 000 coffee enthusiasts and assessed what types of coffee people typically drank and associated those habits with numerous psychological traits and personality profiles. So, what does the way you take your coffee say about you? Find out…

Black Coffee

Black coffee fans are simple, straightforward purists with a clear sense of what they want. People who opt for an Americano tended to be more pragmatic, patient and minimalistic. They are also likely to be more introverted and can be prone to moodiness. (We know some of these people, lol!)

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Espresso drinkers are characterised as bold, intense and well-travelled. The character of these coffee lovers tended to mimic the properties of the espresso – strong and complex, ostentatious and assertive. They are self-assured, hard-working and tend to challenge leadership.

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Cappuccinos and Lattes

The key characteristics of these caffeine aficionados are trendsetting, adventurous, perfectionistic and sensitive. If you have a taste for sweet, frothy coffee varieties, you are more than likely to be extroverted. Try anything once and a bit of a perfectionist that loses interest quickly. (Again – we know some of these people…)

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Flavoured Coffees

People with a penchant for flavoured coffees have been shown to be creative, imaginative, impulsive and prone to stress. They are daydreamers, artists and inventors. Creative, prone to day dreaming and being whimsical and impulsive!

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Decaf coffee drinkers can tend to be cautious, observant and pedantic. Why opt for a decaf? Aside from sensitivities to caffeine, this group reported that they enjoy the taste of coffee but not the effect. This indicates that a decaf drinker tends to seek control – both over themselves and others.

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Whatever your personality or preference, Nespresso has the perfect coffee to match your taste and that makes us happy! More info online here…

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