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In the throes of the pandemic, we hardly eat-out but when we do it better be worthwhile. There’s reason why The Ocean Basket Restaurant chain is such a success and why South Africans absolutely love this brand and their consistent cuisine. They’ve recently launched a brand new winter menu, so of course we were first in line to indulge. The only thing better in winter than a delicious warm bowl of soup followed by a seductive buttery, flakey fish is when it’s affordable too.


So what's new on the menu:

  1. Warm Kingklip soup with an onion and lemon flavor base, enhanced by a roasted tomato bomb and topped with crispy onion sprinkles.
  2. Smoked mussel soup perfectly paired with creamy onion, lemon and herbs.
  3. Kingklip Bites – Kingklip cut into bite sizes batter and spicy-crumb dipped, crispy fried, served with a tangy roasted-tomato mayo.
  4. Royal Kingklip with smoked mussels.
  5. Grilled Kingklip covered with a creamy sauce and herb bomb topped with smoked mussels.
  6. Royal Kingklip with prawns.
  7. Grilled Kingklip smothered in a creamy roasted tomato sauce and topped with grilled prawns.


#HelloRecommends: The Crusted Kingklip – grilled Kingklip topped with spicy crumbs and served with a creamy roasted tomato sauce.

There is a scrumptious selection of desserts with sharing platter options to suit everyone’s taste!

The best news? OB is offering a special at R600 for two:

Starter – Smoked Mussel Soup
Mains – Royal Kingklip with Prawns
Dessert – Mallow whip



Starter – Smoked Mussel Bowl
Mains – Crusted Kingklip
Dessert – Mallow whip


Starter – Smoked Mussel Soup
Mains – Royal Kingklip with Prawns
Dessert – Dessert platter


Whatever you’re craving, this is the best seafood at the best price!

The Zone @Rosebank, Cradock Ave, Roseabnk


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