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It seems the world is inching towards opening up international travel but we still firmly believe local is lekker. More so we’ve been deeply convinced by Jeffreys Bay, which has fast become our all time favorite little beach town. With Jbay (known as the town of dreams) fast becoming a highly lusted-after holiday, we had to explore more.


Imagine sinking into a surfers paradise, but not your typical one. This one isn’t sleepy or dopey, you won’t wait over an hour for your meal but rather filled with friendly, warm hearted people, immeasurable beauty and outstanding service throughout.


This seafront holiday destination will creep deep into your soul and never leave, we call it the Jbae effect.


Where to stay:  Supertubes Guest House, a member of Cape Country Routes, 200m from the ocean front.


Gawking at the eternal orange sunset sky, sipping on a chilled glass of bubbles, listening to the crashes of the waves. Say hello to Supertubes,Jeffreys Bay. The guest house is flanked by seascape views and mountainous hills, proving the most beautiful scenery and setting.


5 Reasons why you should go

  1. This owner run and managed guest house is flawless, sponged from the tips of the tea cups to the spotless floors. It is an absolute delight and because it is ideal for self catering we recommend you take the whole family. Don’t fret about overstepping  on anyone’s privacy because there are five bedrooms, each with en suite bathrooms. You can book the entire villa or just a room or two for smaller families. There are four different houses which are either stand alone Villas or lixiry suites.
  2. Boasting an impressive ocean view, each room( sans one) has a seaview and a snug bed with the whitest plushest linen. Plus you’re so close to the beach you’re guaranteed falling asleep to the ripples of the waves. Or why not indulge in cake by the ocean and watch the surfers effortlessly cruise on by.
  3. The beaches are spectacular but this specific Supertubes beach, in front of the guesthouse, is the best, it is so clean the sand looks polished and they have the very best surfing waves too. Go for a morning stroll on the beach, crowded with shells instead of people.
  4. There is a restaurant on site so you can order breakfast (which is included in your stay) or dinner and don’t have to worry about washing dishes.
  5. There are multiple activities on offer. Such as walking in the nature reserve, riskha tour, canoeing and local artisanal shopping.


Where to eat

  1. Breakfast at JBay Bru or skip the meal and do a gin tasting instead. It’s the coolest quirkiest spot in town!
  2. Lunch at Kitchen Windows because it has the most unbelievable ocean view and you can enjoy an organic tapas style luncheon with a glass of vino.I mean!
  3. Early barefoot dinner at sunset at Die Walksipper where you can have local coal-fired fresh caught line fish of the day. Yum!
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