Wondering about leaving your job? These signs will help you make a decision

Because of the talent shortage, many employers are saying whatever crosses their minds to attract skilled workers’ attention. As a result, several have landed in a job that doesn’t meet their expectations. Getting a job that provides you with work-life balance and allows you to advance inf your career is essential. Therefore, if you’re wondering about leaving your job, but you don’t know if it’s the right time to do so, you should consider these three signs. They will help you to make a decision and get a job that enables you to feel comfortable and achieve happiness in life.

1. Your Personality is Being Affected

If you think that your current job is changing who you are, you should pause and analyze the situation. Sometimes, there are many ways to fix the issue. You can talk to your boss and find the best solution. Before making your decision, you should make a list of the factors that are impacting your personality. This will allow you to identify what a job needs to make you feel comfortable.


If you can’t fix the problem, don’t keep a job that doesn’t allow you to be who you are. Grab your things and start a new job search. There are plenty of job opportunities out there that could fit your needs. 

2. You Feel You’re Being Taken Out of the Game

If you feel that your skills are getting obsolete and you’re being left behind, you must talk to your boss and see if you can find a solution. Nowadays, skills training is essential to stay in the competition. Because of the increasing demand for tech skills, getting a new job has become a challenge. Hence, if you want to have better job opportunities, you need a job that provides you with professional development.


Ask your boss for tuition reimbursement benefits. They are a great way to get skilled these days. Many companies like Google and Samsung provide employees with this kind of benefit to allow them to enroll in coding bootcamps. Codings schools have become very popular in the past few months, and they allow students to get equipped with in-demand coding languages like Python or JavaScript.


Hack Reactor, for example, is the perfect place to learn software engineering skills. The company offers 12-week full-time programs that allow students to learn the right skills to build and maintain complex applications. At Hack Reactor, students learn through hands-on projects and become exceptional engineers capable of tackling any unfamiliar problem. 

Metis, on the other hand, is a company that offers outstanding courses in data science. The company provides online courses to accelerate students’ learning. And to help them launch a rewarding tech career, the company provides them with dedicated career advisors. If your current company doesn’t meet your demands and cannot develop your potential, I can assure you that it’s the right time to quit.

3. The Best Part of Your Workday is Arriving Home

If you feel that you hate everything about your work and the only thing you love is arriving home, you should leave asap. Feeling frustrated isn’t good for your performance at work nor your health. Given that, you must identify what’s making you hate the job. Don’t hesitate to talk to your boss and try to find a solution. Because of frustration, you might not think clearly. Talking to your boss will allow you to express your feelings and relieve some stress. However, if there’s no way to fix the issue and you also feel that your motivation has hit rock bottom, you better look for a new job.


Feeling that your current job isn’t right for you is okay. Don’t feel sad about being in the wrong place. After all, what matters is to recognize when it’s the right time to leave. Consider these signs to make the right decision at the right time. Don’t be of two minds before quitting if you really feel that your job is not beneficial for your life. Keep in mind that most workers spend almost all their time at work, and enjoying what you do is indispensable to be happy and improve your well-being.

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